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PI Industries announces Twin Acquisitions into Pharma API & CDMO space, strengthening its global presence and its commitment to building a differentiated offering across the Pharma value chain.

PI Health Sciences

PI Health Sciences is committed to build a world-class pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)  and KSM & Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Solution organization. We are focused on creating a cutting-edge organization that will deliver innovative solutions for customers and patients worldwide.

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Our Solutions


Molecular diversity, including various heterocyclic compounds containing N, O, S, and combinations.

Modified carbohydrates and nucleosides

Small modified peptides

API for tox and pre-clinical

GMP API for clinical phase

Al for clinical studies (Phases I, II, III)

Digitised discovery platforms


Integrated technology transfer, development capabilities, and engineering teams

Kilo lab - Multiple MOCs, ranging from 51 to 100L

Pilot plant - 100L to 500L

Commercial manufacturing - 100L to 8KL

Validated QMS enabled at multiple geographical locations - EU, India, US


Large-scale automated KSM manufacturing set-up capable of handling hazardous reactions involving fluorination, bromination, phosgenation, etc.

Fully digitised set-up capable of manufacturing small and large molecules

24 active DMFs in 39 countries

200 active customers

Supplying to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Full life cycle knowledge from KSM to API

Global Presence

Our Global Presence